Welcome to QCENweb, the web home of the Queen City Emergency Net. We are a group of amateur radio operators, which exists to provide communications support to the American Red Cross — Cincinnati Region, and have done so since 1941! If you're interested in our present and future plans, please contact webmaster -at- qcen.org .

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July Listening Post

Author: Tom Delaney - Published At: Wed 19 July, 2017 08:17 EDT - (11 Reads)
The July 2017 issue of the Listening Post has been uploaded to this website.
  • Ham Radio is There, as Honolulu Hosts a Successful 10th Annual “Geek Meet”    (Thu 20 July, 2017)
    Location, Location, Location! In the middle of Honolulu, with the yacht club, harbor, the ocean, and the beach, Amateur Radio was there on July 2 for the 10th annual “Geek Meet,” at Magic Island. Hawaii’s Geek Meet is a fun, casual, family-friendly, grassroots gathering for people who are curious and have a passion they want to share, including Amateur Radio. Members of the Emergency Amateur Ra...
  • The Doctor Will See You Now!    (Thu 20 July, 2017)
    “Power Supplies” is the topic of the latest (July 20) episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen...and learn!Sponsored by DX Engineering, “ARRL The Doctor is In” is an informative discussion of all things technical. Listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone -- whenever and wherever you like!Every 2 weeks, your host, QST Editor-in-Chief Steve Ford, WB8IMY, and the Doctor himself...
  • Revised FCC Form 605 Will Ask Applicants “the Felony Question”    (Wed 19 July, 2017)
  • Dave Kalter, KB8OCP, Memorial Youth DX Adventure Set to Start on August 3    (Tue 18 July, 2017)
    Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure (YDXA) Team Leader Jim Storms, AB8YK, said this year’s YDXA contingent of three youths, three parents, and two leaders will travel to Costa Rica on August 3 and plan to be on the air that evening. TI5/<home call sign> operations will continue until the evening of August 7. “There may be times of being off the air due to conditions, as we will be on a moun...
  • IARU Region 1 President Expresses Concern Regarding Spectrum Challenges in Europe    (Tue 18 July, 2017)
    International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU R1) President Don Beattie, G3BJ, told an audience at Ham Radio 2017 (Friedrichshafen) that he is “deeply concerned about our ability to maintain a usable radio spectrum in some parts of suburban Europe.” Beattie said that Amateur Radio spectrum allocations are of little value if they are “made unusable by the presence of multiple sources of inter...
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Membership "checklist"

To all new and not-so-new QCEN members: please review the following list.

  • qcen.org e-mail address: If you'd like an address of the form: callsign-at-qcen.org, please request one. In any case, please make sure we have your e-mail address!
  • Red Cross ID: New photo IDs will be issued to QCEN members in good-standing who have completed the background check. You must have the new standard ID to participate in any Red Cross activities that require credentials.
  • Communicator's Manual: see the reference section to get this important guide to QCEN operations — it will be growing soon!!
  • Emergency Alerting: If you are carrying an e-mailable pager or cell phone, please provide us with the number and the provider.

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