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QCEN sponsors classes to introduce newcomers to amateur radio. Classes are held at various times during the year, and basically cover material for the beginning license classes. A variety of teaching methods are used; classes are sometimes held for an entire day on two separate days; at other times, classes are held weekly for several weeks. Code classes may be offered from time to time, but a Morse Code test is no longer required for any class of amateur radio license.

If you don't think you need the classes, then click here to see if you're ready to take the exam!
If you'd like to get started immediately, check out these local exam opportunities:

ARRL VE Exam search
K3RC's Ohio Amateur Exam schedule

Here's some information on instructor-led classes and exam sessions:
Classes/Exams in Middletown
Classes/Exams in Cincinnati (QCEN/OhKyIn)
Classes/Exams in Hamilton (updated 11/25/2012)

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