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Remote Control Project

List of tasks to accomplish (in order of steps to be accomplished, not of a calendar timeline.)

Get electricity taken care of. Need to disconnect power at the pole, so that the trailer can be moved safely.
Move all coax lines from the trailer. The ones from the 70 foot tower can be moved into the generator shed. The ones from the windmill tower will have to be coiled neatly underneath.
Find a replacement structure.
Before the trailer move, cut back the brush near the fence so the west side fence can be opened up for the move.
Sell and remove the generator. (Not necessarily a part of any timeline for remote control. That just clears the way to use the shed for other things.)
Repairs: replace the rotor on the 70 foot tower.
Approve about $500 for a new rotor. Must be one that can be remotely controlled. A Yaesu G800DXA would be a good one. Currently (June 2016) $469.95 at R&L.
Work crew. Probably need two climbers to accomplish this task.

Remote control test: Once we have a structure in place to hold equipment, or even if we just want to try to reinforce the generator shed so we can safely keep some equipment there, we can use mostly existing equipment to try out the concept. We can get a free trial of Ham Radio Deluxe, a remote-control system, which would work with some of our gear. We may decide to spend more money on something else better, but we could get started.
Internet: currently trying to see if we can find a good deal from a commercial provider. As proof-of-concept, we can always turn to Verizon Wireless for internet, though that may not be the best choice long-term.

These notes as of June 9, 2016. Comments and questions welcome in this discussion forum. Tom, W8WTD

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